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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I had a post a while back all about Noah, which has inspired me to write something similar for my crazy, outgoing, independent, oldest son.

First let me just say, we make some strong willed children. Timid, is not a word used to describe our children. I'm sure some of it just has to do with age, but A LOT of it is in their very strong personalities. Nathan is no exception.

From a super early age Nathan loved the camera. Pretty much as soon as he learned to smile he would pose for the camera whenever I brought it out. As a new mom who already wanted to take picture, this was exciting. And the result is hundreds of pictures of Nathan's first year of life as an only child.
Posing for the camera

Another thing you need to know about Nathan, is he always has a plan, about everything. It's been an interesting challenge as a parent because he doesn't just accept what people tell him, because he knows better than you, and has already thought out the RIGHT way things should be happening and is glad to tell you all about it.
For example:

Me: Nathan please do not pick your nose
Nathan: But mom, I have snot stuck in my nose
Me: When that happens I would like you to get a tissue and blow it
Nathan: I tried that before and it doesn't work mom, the snot is still stuck in my nose, so I have to use my finger.

See what I mean? The simplest things can easily turn into a debate because he has already thought of all possible outcomes of a conversation before it takes place.

He has somehow picked up on good grammar. He doesn't ask me if he *can* do things, 99.9% of the time he says *may I*. Last week he corrected my grammar and he was right. It was kind of a sad moment as a parent to have your 3 year old correctly correcting your grammar.

Nathan: Mom, how are you doing?
Me: I'm doing good Nathan
Nathan: No mom, you're doing well.

That one definitely left me speechless, as I don't remember telling him that before, so I'm not even sure where he picked it up.

He LOVES music, and has been fascinated with musical instruments since he could bang on his tiny toy piano. Though he can't play real songs yet, he does copy what I show him on the piano and has a fantastic memory (like his mom)
Baby Nathan playing the piano

He is super patient...when he wants to be. This goes along with having a plan, he will sit as long as it takes to complete what he set out to do. When he first learned to crawl he spent the day crawling over to his toy basket, taking out each toy one at a time, then putting them all back in. We called it his "work" since he was so set on doing this no matter how long it took him.
getting ready to empty his toys

All this week he has been building towers with blocks, taking as long as he needs to get them perfect...before Noah walks by and kicks them over and he has to start again.

He loves being a big brother and adores his siblings. He often tells me that Noah is his best friend. He gets upset when Noah is in a timeout because he misses him. Since they are 13 months apart, he will never remember life as an only child, or even with Noah as a baby. In his mind they've always grown up together and done everything together.

Even when Noah was a fussy newborn (read the Noah post for just how fussy he was!) Nathan would stand next to him and bounce him in his bouncer so that I could make dinner without him screaming. Even at 13-14 months he was my little helper. Now keeps an eye on Noah and comes to get me when Noah is getting into trouble (usually helped by his partner in crime who just doesn't want to get in trouble too).

He is smart. So very smart. He forgets his letters and numbers sometimes because he just doesn't care much, but he could tell you every turn to take to get to daddy's old office (that he has only been to maybe 10 times). He remembers people and places he has only seen once or twice and not for months and will tell you a detailed story about the last time he was there. Read a book to him once and he will recite most of it back to you. He is awesome and puzzles and really enjoys sorting things out based on their details.

He has to know EVERYTHING. We recently moved his carseat back to the middle seat in the car so we could fit all 3 carseats in and it's like a new world opened up to him. He can see so much more and has so many more questions. Needs to know what every sign says and why, 

He's just a little bit OCD (normal for a preschooler, but so very different than Noah!) He makes his bed every morning because it bothers him for the ends to be bunched up. Sometimes he makes Noah's bed too. Right now a big one is his chair at the table. It has to pushed in as far as it can possibly go while still allowing his body to just *barely* fit in. He is not happy if it's not perfect...or if you try to help him. We're hoping he outgrows this one soon.

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