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Saturday, May 7, 2011

In Honor of Mother's Day

Dear Mom,

Thank you for:
  • putting up with my attitude as a teenager, I KNOW I was not easy, but I learned to express my point of view from the best ;)
  • teaching me to knit, now that I am a mom, it is my sanity
  • making me eat organic hot dogs and, bread made from wheat you milled yourself. It's helped me appreciate real food. We were WAY ahead of the organic food trend.
  • getting me involved in ballet, piano and community theater and teaching me to appreciate the arts
  • not letting me have video games, forcing me to use my imagination
  • getting me involved in 4-H, the leadership skills I learned there have proven invaluable as an adult
  • teaching me to sew, and create things with my own hands instead of just running to the store
  • letting me know that if it's just too frustrating, or you don't have enough time, running to the store is just fine too.
  • sheltering me from situations that seemed silly as a kid, but taught me to choose respectful and intelligent friends
  • not laughing at me when I was 4 and asked you what multiplication was, but instead teaching it to me
  • reading to me
  • taking me to church every Sunday, and forcing me to be in Lifeteen even when I cried in front of Sue and Father Stephen and said I didn't want to go.
  • letting me decide where I want to go to school, even when it meant transferring to a more expensive school
  • telling me not to buy drugs from strangers...only friends ;)
  • making me buckle my seat belt before the car started moving
  • giving me siblings who have become my best friends
  • sharing your sense of humor and sarcasm
  • holding me accountable for my words and actions
  • always finding out when I did something wrong without me even telling you
  • letting dad teach me how to drive
  • taking me to visit my grandparents often
  • letting me stay up late and watch the Late Show with David Letterman
  • letting me do my school work in my pajamas
  • encouraging me through my first year of teaching
  • helping me pack and move when I was 9 months pregnant
  • telling me it was okay if I didn't want to breastfeed because it was too hard, but that you knew I could do it if I wanted to
  • teaching me how to be a mom

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