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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Here we go go go go...

I like to sing, I sing to the kids a lot, I used to be able to sing whatever I felt like singing, but lately they have become very opinionated about what I sing.

Noah's current favorite is "The Cat in the Hat song!" Which, if you've never heard "The Cat in the Hat song" goes something like this...
"Here we go go, on an adventure! The Thingamajigger is up and away. Go go go, on an adventure. We're flying with the Cat in the Hat today!"

Apparently parents everywhere are trying to erase this song from their minds. A simple search for these lyrics (because how embarrassing would it be if I spelling "Thingamajigger" incorrectly) turned up...nothing.

I can't tell you how many times we'll be in the car and I hear Anthony sigh "I have that stupid Cat in the Hat song in my head" and then it's all over. It's instantly in my head too and there is nothing I can do about it.

So since this is Noah's favorite song, anytime he hears me singing something else he immediately tells me "I don't like that song!" and upon asking him for requests (I just need to stop doing this) I now hear "The Cat in the Hat song!"

In mass on Sunday the choir was singing, Noah was fine all the way until the closing song, I can't even remember what it was, but he did NOT like it at all and let us know several times "I don't like this song" I think he was secretly hoping for the Cat in the Hat song to be next.

Just in case you are curious enough to want to hear how the song goes, here it is. But don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. True story: if you google it NOW, your blog post comes up in the search! haha!

  2. are you ready? yes we are! are you steady? yes we are! are you sure you're ready to exploooooooooore? yes we ARE! then BUCKLE UP!!

    hahahahahaha we all need to be kids again if only for a moment each day and enjoy things as kids would. it's so refreshing.

  3. I KNOW, I KNOW!

    (Which is my way of saying, this is my house too!)

  4. I just found your blog post because I can NOT get this song out of my head. My granddaughter loves it. I heard that if you have an "earworm" the way to get rid of it is to find all the lyrics and sing it out loud. I wonder if my co-workers will think I have finally gone insane?