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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Best Mommy...or not.

Noah is starting to talk A LOT more. Sure, he's been able to talk for a while now, but having a conversation usually was just him repeating whatever he just heard Nathan say, it's only been recently that he has started telling his own stories.

A little background, Nathan likes to tell people that they are the best (best mom, best dad, best brother etc) Noah has picked up on this. I also tell the boys now that they are the best Nathan or the best Noah (sorry Noah Pettry)

So our conversation this morning went a little bit like this:

Me: Noah, you are the best Noah in the whole world
Noah:I am the best Noah!
waiting for him to say something else...
Me: So, am I the best mommy?
Noah: No, you're not the best mommy
Me: What?! I'm not the best mommy?!
Noah: No, you're not.
Me: So is daddy the best mommy?
Noah: No, not daddy
Me: Is Nathan the best mommy?
Noah: Nathan is not the best mommy
Me: What about Nana, is Nana the best mommy?
thinks about it for a second...
Noah: Nana is the best mommy.

Thanks Noah, love you too!

This comes a day after I asked Nathan "Do you know what today is?" upon telling him it was Mother's day he responded "Again?!" and went back to eating his breakfast.

Maybe tomorrow I can be the best mommy.

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