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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Maybe I am biased, but I'm pretty sure Nathan is super advanced when it comes to gross motor skills.

He walked by the time he was 10 months old, and began running just days after that, he taught himself to do a somersault when he was 14 months old, climbed out of his crib for the first time at 15 months.

He learned to skip and gallop and balance on one foot before he was 2, he can hoist himself up on the counter without standing on anything. 2 weeks ago he watched Anthony do a cartwheel and then just did one having never tried before.

And this morning he stopped in the middle of watching "Bob the Builder" (so you know it HAD to be important) put his head on the ground, lifted up his feet and just balanced.
It may look like he is using the cabinet to balance, but I promise you he is not!

Noah had to give it a try too, he's got the right form, just needs to work on his balance and I think he'll have it too!

Someone remind me of this post when someone brags about their 3 year old (or younger) knowing all of their letters, colors, counting to 5 million and reading at a 8th grade level

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