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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Childproof locks, not just for children anymore!

My kids get into everything. It's like they have radar and can tell *exactly* which cupboards have locks and which do not. At first I thought they just tried them all until they found an open one, but I am pretty sure they just *know*.

The first week after we moved in to the new house without locks was a crazy time. Spoons, oven mitts, goldfish crackers and pretzel rods everywhere all of the time. There was no place that was safe, especially after Noah learned to use the drawer handles as a little mini ladder to take him right up to the counter top without need for a chair or toy.

Anthony found a few temporary locks to go on the outside of the cabinets. Some I love, they are easy for me to use, impossible for the boys to open. Win-win.

Then, there is one lock that I detest. Words cannot accurately describe the frustration I have with this lock. It not only takes 2 hands to open, but every attempt ends with bent back finger nails (and mine are short to begin with!) and what feels like bruises on my fingertips. This lock is the bane of my existence. And some days I cannot even actually get it open now matter how many times I try.

I know what you are thinking, maybe it's defective, or broken in some way. Nope, that's what makes this lock even worse. Anthony has no problem opening it. (insert "not amused" face)

I feel like a little kid who has been locked out of the snack cupboard (ironically it *is* on the snack cupboard) At least it's kept my snacking to a minimum.

the worst lock ever

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  1. eeeew. We have that same one. I hate it too. A child visiting our house actually broke one of them. And unfortunately my little babe ate some dishwashing detergent yesterday because it wasn't there. Thank God for poison control. I'm sorry about it's location on the snack cupboard. Snacks are how I get through the day sometimes.