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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

50 things to do this summer

If you've been following my blog for a while (last year it was on Making Mischief) or have known me for a while you know I like lists. Here is my "50 things to do this summer" list for 2011.

I know it's early, but I am a planner. The sooner I get it down in writing, the sooner I can get started planning the fun we are going to have this summer!

Last years list didn't get finished because of a little baby named Elise who kept me from riding roller coasters and a few other things. This year I am determined to finish!

1. Go to Cedar Point! (the vacation is already scheduled, this IS happening this year!)
2. Eat ice cream
3. Watch movies all day long
4. Watch a storm from the patio
5. Plant a garden
6. Play outside all day
7. Go to the zoo
8. Go to the art museum
9. Go to the natural history museum
10. Knit something for each of the kids
11. Go fishing
12. Swim
13. Have a picnic
14. Go on a hike
15. Run a 5k
16.Eat pickles
17. Make salsa
18. Design a new pattern
19. Sew
20. Plant flowers
21. Turn 27
22. Dance
23. Go out with friends
24. Play the piano
25. Take lots of pictures
26. Stay up late talking
27. Potty train Noah
28. Decorate the house
29. Bake
30. Try a new recipe
31. Go to the fair
32. Enter knitting in the fair
33. Do something I have never done before
34. Sleep in
35. Turn off the computer and tv and have an electronics free day
36. Read
37. Have a game night
38. Play cards
39. Have a party
40. Buy new shoes
41. Snuggle
42. Put up a birdhouse/bird feeder
43. Watch fireworks
44. Write a letter and send it in the mail
45. Surprise someone with something special
46. Go to morning mass
47. Do lots of crafts with the boys
48. Paint my toenails
49. Work out so that I fit into my summer clothes!
50. Laugh so hard my stomach muscles hurt

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