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Friday, March 11, 2011

The snow is back.

Weeks ago when the snow melted for the first time Nathan cried. He missed "his" snow. But even Nathan is tiring of the snow now. When he opened the curtains this morning and saw the snow it almost brought on another wave of tears.

Mom, the snow is back. I don't want it to be back.

Neither do I Natey, neither do I.

I can see it now, it will continue to rain or snow until the day we move, and we'll completely miss out on using our sidewalks a few more times before moving out to the country. Sure we'll have a big back yard and that will be beyond wonderful, but I'll miss our daily walks.

When Anthony and I first got married we rented a little house still in town. For the year before Nathan was born I walked to work, we walked to church and often just took walks together in the shade of the trees that covered the sidewalks
The guys walking over from our first house to our wedding

Just days after Nathan was born and I definitely couldn't drive the two of us walked to the library every day (it was temporarily just around the corner from us while being renovated).
Getting ready to leave for one of our first walks to the library

When Nathan was having a hard time getting to sleep we discovered that walking before bed was like magic and we started nightly 1 mile walks around the neighborhood.
Going for a job with daddy

When Noah was a baby I popped them both in the double stroller and we walked to grocery stores for a treat (and some great exercise!)

Last summer we ventured even farther, taking trips to the movie theater for the boys first movie, or breakfast at Panara when we wanted something special to do.

Nathan's favorite place to walk is still Walmart, and he probably knows that place like the back of his hand from the number of times we've walked to and around that place for something to do on a hot day with no car.

During the last 12 months of not having a car, walking saved our sanity, thank goodness we'll have another vehicle again soon so we can get out without our sidewalks.

I am beyond excited to move, but the one thing I will miss is our walks.

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