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Monday, March 21, 2011

Small moments - Would you like a chip?

The boys absolutely love their sister, I was worried they would be jealous of a baby getting so much attention, but it's quite the opposite, they want to give her just as much attention as I do! Hopefully this lasts when she gets old enough to steal their toys, and knock down their towers.

I love that they love her, but this also means that I have to watch her like a hawk. Noah often thinks that he can pick her up (thank goodness I've always been able to stop him before he can actually do it)

This morning Noah was so kind to try and share one of his tortilla chips with Elise. Even after I explained that babies can't eat chips he was still quite upset. It's hard to watch a 2 year old WANT to share and have to tell him that he can't.

Sidenote: Elise seemed really excited about the prospect of eating a chip smiling as she saw it coming and then opening her mouth nice and wide to help Noah out. I have a feeling she will have no problem jumping right into mischief with her brothers as soon as she can!

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