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Monday, March 14, 2011

Small moments - Nap Time?

Nap time.
The 2 favorite words of moms everywhere. 2 hours of quiet. 2 hours of time to clean, knit, read, or my very favorite most days sleep! Cause if you are a mom, most likely you need a nap just as much as your kids do.

When you have a baby, sleep comes naturally (most of the time, see my post on Noah for a different point of view!) naps happen often, and take very little coaxing in the early days.

Then comes toddlerhood, and for some reason cutting back on naps seems to give them an idea that they have power of whether or not they need to take a nap, and they really do NEED to take a nap! Moving from a crib to a bed, adding another sibling, cutting out that second nap all contribute to the madness of trying to get a toddler to nap. I can't tell you how many days Noah has played in his room for 2 solid hours, determined not to take a nap, only to pass out 20 minutes later sitting in a chair or in my lap because he was so tired he just passed out the second he stopped moving.

And then there are preschool naps, I will say, I know just how lucky I am that my preschooler still naps. There were many times I could have totally given up on naps (as he seemed to) and just let him skip. But check out that first paragraph for all of the reasons that I was persistent in setting up a preschooler nap routine.

This has been by far the most interesting *napping* that I have experienced so far. Nathan's nap time routine goes something like this.

1:00 use the bathroom
1:05 get pillow and blanket and bring them downstairs
1:06 complain that there is not enough room on the floor for said pillow and blanket and request that mom cleans up the room first (It's not THAT bad, just moving a couple of toys that the picky preschooler took out himself. You would think it was the end of the world for him though)
1:08 lay out pillow and blanket and lay down
1:09 get up and straighten blanket so it is completely flat and all the way spread out, and not touching anything else
1:10 lay down again
1:11 "mom, I need a drink"
1:12 drink water in kitchen
1:13 lay down again
1:14 "Mom, I love you, goodnight, sweet dreams!" "Goodnight Nathan, I love you too" "Sweet dreams mom!" "Aright, sweet dreams Nathan"

I secretly vow that I am just going to ignore him after this and not engage him in talking

1:15 "Mom, you're my favorite friend" "You're my favorite friend too Nathan, it's time for bed"

10 minutes ago I was a mean mom for making him sleep, I can't miss this once a day opportunity to be his "favorite friend" Plus I know he's only saying it because Noah is in the other room and I'll soon be replaced.

1:16 "mom, you're the best mom in the whole world" "Thanks Natey, your the best Nate in the whole world, now take a nap"

Now really, how can you ignore that?

1:17 Fake snoring "Nathan, please stop and take a nice nap"
1:18 "Mom, you lay down and take a nice nap, with that baby" "Alright, I will"

At this point I NEED a nap

Luckily shorty after this Nathan realizes it's been close to 20 minutes and I am not going to forget he is supposed to be napping. And the house is quiet for the next hour and 40 minutes

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