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Monday, March 7, 2011

Small moments - Butter for Breakfast

For the last couple of months the boys have been quietly waking up before I do and sneaking downstairs.

Usually it's not a big deal, occasionally they will get themselves something to eat out of the fridge, or turn on all of the lights and start playing with some toys. But I usually wake up and come down within a few minutes of hearing their little feet running around downstairs.

This morning I was still asleep upstairs with Elise when Nathan came into my room and said "mom, come downstairs now. Noah is in the refrigerator!"

I got Elise and came down the stairs to find an entirely previously unopened package of butter (4 sticks) unwrapped and in the beginning stages of being smeared on my kitchen floor!

When I asked Noah why he was getting into the butter he replied "I not know!" of course.

I have no idea what made him get into the butter when there were so many other things sitting right out he could have easily eaten, but something about the butter was interesting this morning.

Usually Monday mornings predict or set a tone of the rest of the week, so I'm bracing myself for an interesting one.

Happy Monday!

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