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Saturday, March 5, 2011


I've been totally slacking with the blogging this week, but that's because I've been packing!

Only 26 days left until moving day!

And that sounds like a lot, but I know it's going to sneak up on us, so we've been trying to chip away at it when we can.

I also want to be super organized this time. Last time we moved I was 8.5 months pregnant and 4 days away from having Nathan. I was not organized, I was in survival mode already, just trying to get it all done so we could actually be in our house before the baby was born. Then before we even had time to unpack we had a newborn! And it seems we've been playing catch up with our "stuff" ever since.

So this time I'm doing things right. One thing you should know about me is I am actually a very organized person. In the sense that I love nothing more than having a place for absolutely everything, I love lists. Oh how I love lists. I would be embarrassed to show you the things I have lists of. The problem lies in the execution of this organization. Maybe if I spent less time making lists, and more time cleaning everything would *actually* be in it's place.

But like I said, I WILL do it this time.

So far each box has a number, and an assigned room that it will go in at the new house. This way when family and friends are helping us move they can put the box exactly where it goes instead of sorting through all of the boxes later.

I have a list (yep the first of many lists for packing) of what is in each box so when I am unpacking I can do it in a systematic way.

I have one HUGE rule this time. No boxes of random stuff that just needed a place to go. Everything will have a place at the new house, so everything will have a box when we are packing.

And with all of this organizing, I am getting rid of a lot of things too. It feels good to do a deep clean of everything that we own and purge the stuff we don't need. I'm really looking forward to a clutter free house (at least until we acquire new stuff I don't know what to do with) 

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