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Monday, February 14, 2011

We need to decorate!

I know I already posted once today, but this was to good not to write about.

Nathan must have been paying more attention to the Good Morning America one of these mornings than I was, he is insisting that we need to decorate the house for Valentine's day "just like for Christmas!" because he saw it on the tv aka "that mom show, you know mom, the news".

"You need to go and get paint, and paint stuff and put it all over the walls, we need to decorate."

Alright, well that sounds like fun. But then he starts getting a little creative

"We need to paint fun things, like...this giraffe! and um, Darth Vadar!"  Each of these ideas pops into his head as he sees his toys sitting around.

"Oh and we need Thing 1 and Thing 2 too!"

"Mom, we need to do it while Noah is still sleeping, we need to do it.
You stay down here with my baby, don't go upstairs because Noah is upstairs. Don't come see me (as he runs up the stairs)"

I am patiently waiting to see what he comes back down with...

I hear from upstairs "Mom, Noah took a nice nap!" and Noah sadly crying "I not want to"

I guess Noah's nap is over then.

Now some odd thumping around. "mom, what blanket was that?"
"which blanket Natey?"
"Just come show me mom" Nathan's way of saying I want to show you

Now some giggling, and more thumping. Even Noah (who is now downstairs with me) is getting curious

And it's.........a red winter tablecloth! Nathan insists we put it on the table. One problem, we don't have a table, just a breakfast bar.

But this is no problem for Nathan, he has quickly suggested his train table. "I need to put it on so it's all covered, for Valentine's day"

Go for it.

Looks like we're going to be decorating this afternoon, I better see if I can find some red construction paper!

A few pictures from our decorating fun!

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