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Monday, February 21, 2011

Small moments - Noah

This weeks small moments are all about Noah.

I've realized in the last few weeks that Noah is falling into the role of "middle child" in quite a stereotypical way.

Nathan jumped into the role of big brother before he even was old enough to know what that meant. At 13 months old he was bouncing Noah in the bouncer so I could finish dinner without a screaming baby, or bringing me wipes, diapers or burp cloths when I needed them. And he has continued this "helper" role ever since.

Elise is the baby, she obviously gets a lot of attention, and being the only girl probably even more than normal. It doesn't help that in comparison to Noah as a nb she is the *perfect* baby in every way. (Noah cried and spit on constantly from birth until...well he doesn't spit up anymore.)

But I think because he is so strong willed, Noah often gets overlooked a little bit compared to his siblings. But he really is the most determined out of all of my kids to get what he wants.

Sometimes that means whining and crying until someone gives in or sends him to his room...but he never gives up!

Today that meant that even though I was busy with the baby and Anthony wasn't readily available Noah got himself dressed. He found himself a pair of jeans (even in his size!), and it took him about 10 tries (half of which resulted in either putting his legs in the same hole, or putting on his pants backwards) he got those jeans on all by himself and then yelled out his catch phrase "I did it!"

Which reminds me, Noah is VERY proud of himself, and has absolutely no issues with self esteem. He gets so excited whenever he does something by himself, even if it's something we expect him to do anyway. Without prompting from anyone else he congratulations himself "I did it!" or "Good job Noah!" quite often.

It's not unusual when someone tells him "I love Noah" for him to repeat it right back. "I love Noah" It's good to know he loves himself ;-)

He loves to be loved, and show love to others. I can't count how many hugs or kisses I get a day, or times when he just needs to sit with me and snuggle for a bit. He is great at identifying his own emotions, and those of others, telling me when he's upset "Mom, I'm sad"

Then there is the silly side of Noah. He's just a little bit loopy, and does not care what other people think of him. His automatic response to any question no matter how simple is "I not know!" closely followed by "no".

He has absolutely no patience, which as a parent can be just a little more than frustrating, but also kind of cute as he tries really hard to wait even just a few seconds for things and then fails. Waiting for breakfast in the morning is nearly unbearable. Even if it's for something as simple as cream cheese on a bagel, but he tries really hard to hold it all together when I tell him he needs to wait and he nervously tells me "alright, alright" as he's still very near tears waiting for food to enter his mouth.
"Why won't my water come out faster?"

And that's my Noah! He's strong willed, determined, snuggly and sometimes just plain hilarious and we love him.

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