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Monday, February 7, 2011

Remembering the small moments

I had a conversation with another mom today about wanting to remember the little things my kids are doing right now. It reminded me of a very specific moment when Nathan was a baby, probably about 6 months old, right when we were trying to get him to at least sleep part time in his crib.

I was sleep deprived, crabby, and wishing he would just sleep so I could get some sleep. I shared these feelings with a dear friend of mine who lovingly said "but just think about how special this time is. One day you are going to miss the times you got to snuggle your baby quietly in the middle of the night" So that night I cherished it, I was still sleepy, still a little crabby, but I thought about how special it was in the dark, in the quiet that I could be the one to comfort my baby. That I got to snuggle and soothe him. That we had this special time together that wouldn't last forever. I still think back to that moment a lot, especially now looking at my big 3 year old who sleeps in a twin bed through the night, who uses the bathroom (most of the time) and is learning all about letters and numbers. And my friend was right, I do miss that moment when I got to hold him alone in the quiet of the night. I won't have that moment again with him.

So in the spirit of remembering small moments, here is what is going on with us right now.

Nathan is becoming a very independent little guy, and very grown up. He's the youngest in his PSR class, but yesterday when I picked him up his teachers asked him how I got him to be so well behaved and joked I should teach a class. I was so proud. I know he can be stubborn at home, but it felt so good to hear he was being kind and respectful the 1 hour a week he is away from me.

He loves to sing, especially the teapot song, which sounds something like this:
"I'm a little teapot shoat and stout,
here is my handle here is my spout
I'm a little teapot shoat and stout
tip me over, pour me out!"

He can also mostly sing the ABC's on his own now too.

Lately he has been telling me that I am the best mom, but dad is not always the best dad because he is too silly.

He LOVES trains, all sorts of trains, anything that has to do even a little bit with trains.

And most of all he loves his brother. They wrestle and fight when they are together, but cry and cry for each  other when they are apart. It's funny to see how two little boys show love for each other.

Then there is Noah. What can I say about this little guy. He is so tough, as is evident by the scratches and bruises all over his face. We will never get a good picture of him that doesn't look like he was just in a fight.

He is still snuggly, he craves and needs lots of physical attention. He's been in my lap for a hug 4 times already this morning and it's not even 10am. He loves his daddy right now, and will do whatever he can to be just like him. Reading books, watching football, playing video games.

He really thinks he is just as big as Nathan, and that there should be no difference between them. He has a really hard time when Nathan gets to do something that he can't.

And Elise. She's growing too fast already! I put on her coming home sweater yesterday and it's already getting too small. She is still what most would describe as the perfect baby. She sleeps, a lot. Loves to snuggle and be held, but doesn't *need* to. I know she doesn't smile yet, but I can just tell she adores Anthony as much as he does her. She is perfectly content when with him, and can't stop staring at him when he holds her.

She is a great nurser, it just came naturally to her. She makes the cutest sounds when she is asleep and we are getting too loud, like she is trying to drown us out. Nathan did the same thing as a baby.

And that's where we are right now! Don't hold me to it, but I think I might try and update every Monday with the new things of the week, even smaller moments and memories that I want to remember.

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