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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finding a new normal

Elise is 11 days old today and I woke up this morning feeling like me! Not the sleepy sleep deprived me, who puts on The Cat in the Hat for the boys so I can get 30 more minutes of sleep, but not quite the me who wakes up feeling completely rested and ready to take on anything. I'm a little bit tired, but who wouldn't be getting up 2-3 times a night with a baby, but I also have a little more energy than yesterday, and physically feel better than I have for months. After all I don't have a huge belly to get in my way anymore. It's a new sort of normal but I think I like it!

Laundry is started, dishes are done, bread is rising, and I even had time to color some pictures with the boys this morning. They are now playing together with their trains, and I get some quiet time to snuggle with the baby and knit.

I guess it also helps that the sun is shining today, a little bit of sun can make all of the difference in the world :-)

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