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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diaper Reviews

We started using cloth diapers shortly before Noah was born, when Nathan was about 9 months old and never turned back! We started in the beginning to save money, knowing with babies 13 months apart we would have 2 in diapers for quite a while. And now, even if I had the option I wouldn't go back to disposable diapers.

1. You never have to worry about running out of diapers, as long as I throw in a load of laundry every couple of days I am set

2. No where near as many leaks. When I talk about leaks below, I'm talking about wetness because the diapers is too saturated. With Nathan in disposables I had to change his diaper within seconds of the nb poop explosion or it would be up his back and all over his clothes. I can't tell you how many of his nb clothes are stained because of this. This is never a problem with cloth.

3. No diaper rash. I haven't had to use rash cream more than once or twice since we switched to cloth diapers.

4.They are just so cute! Not only are the diapers adorable, but the whole reason I learned to knit was to make cute little diaper covers. So much more fun than a disposable diaper.

5. I can not only save money by washing the diapers instead of buying more, but I can even use the same diapers for multiple children, and with one size diapers even on multiple children of different ages and sizes which is HUGE for me having 3 kids in 3.5 years.

So here is my review of what we've been using on Elise, some of these are left over from Noah, some I was able to get used or in trades for knitting. All together I didn't spend more than $50 on these diapers that will last us until she is probably 12lbs, just for reference, $50 would buy us disposable diapers for about 3 weeks.

Elise is 2 weeks old in these pictures, and I am guessing just about at her birth weight of 6lbs 7oz

Kissaluv 0
Great fit, a little on the bulky side NO absorbency. This would not have been an issue at all with my boys, but it seems as though Elise is a very heavy wetter. These last less than an hour, and with as much as she sleeps, they are just not very practical for us.

Sticky Peas nb NRSS
These are hands down my very favorite. The only diaper I can put her in overnight and not have to worry about a huge leak. With a nb doubler inside they are even better! I can go 4-5 hours without changing her at night time without problems. Because she has super skinny legs, the adjustability  is a must to stop any sort of leaks. I would have loved to have an entire stash of just these!

Muttaqin baby nb
My second favorite, even though they snap, they are so stretchy they have a great fit. Not as absorbent as the SP's, but not too bad either. These are great for during the day.

Blueberry AIO pocket
I really want to like these, the fit looks great, but she leaks at the legs if she sleeps longer than 3 hours, which is pretty regular around here.  There is a pocket that I could add more too, but then they gap around the legs.

Bum Genius xs AIO
Pretty much the same as the Blueberry's, looks like a great fit (we loved BG's on the boys!), but when she sleeps too long they leak.

GroVia shell
I tried this on a whim today to see what it would do, and it worked great! Definitely still bulky, and I used it as a cover, not with the insert (I think the diaper would eat her if it were that big!), but I can tell these are going to be some of our favorites as she gets bigger!

Preemie prefold
Perfect for the first week when she was too tiny to fit into any other diapers. Not much absorbency obviously, but in the first week we didn't need it. Perfect first diapers.

Green Mountain Diapers orange edge prefolds
These are my new favorites of the week. I put one on her yesterday and was surprised how well they fit and how absorbent they are without being bulky.   (not my best folding job in the picture!)

Homemade diapers
These are Anthony's favorites because they fit great and they have velcro! His favorite diaper closure. They work great as daytime diapers, but like just about everything else leak when she takes one of her super long naps. for 2-3 hours max though they are perfect. Another plus with these is they cost me about $2 a diaper to make. Noah's diaper stash was mostly these and prefolds.

Thirsties xs covers
Swallowed her the first 2 weeks, but are starting to fit a little bit better now. Love the fit, love the no leaking. These with a SP overnight are the best combo I have found for long stretches of sleep.

Bummis Super Brite xs covers
So glad I had these for the first 2 weeks. These are seriously tiny covers, and I don't think they would be worth if for a baby born over 7lbs as they would be outgrown so quickly. But for my little peanut who came home at 6lbs 1oz, they were the only cover (aside from wool) that fit.
I'll get a picture of these later (all in the wash right now) 


  1. All those pics of baby legs, but where's her precious baby face?
    PS, Nana likes the ones you made best, too. They were easiest to put on and didn't leak.

  2. She doesn't make very pretty faces while having her diaper changed. It would have been a crying angry picture in 10 pictures. I'll put some cute ones up later :)