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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A clean house? With kids?

Is it even possible?

I woke up this morning ready to start the day. (not really, I was pretty tired and had been up on and off since 3am with a restless baby, but "ready to start the day" just sounds so much more optimistic)

The house was in pretty good order from the night before, dishes were done and put away, the living room was mostly picked up aside from a few things left out the night before. But all in all not bad.

Fast forward 2 hours. What on earth happened? I can't even say that my kids go around looking for messes, they're just normal kids. Today has actually been a very pleasant day filled with mega blocks and trains. I can think of so many messier options they could have chosen, but it looks like a tornado went through my living room! And based on the amount of time they spent playing quietly (OK, SO not quietly at all, but sometimes I pretend I have quiet children who also play quietly) in their bedroom this morning I am sure it looks much the same. As of the time of this post I am afraid to go up and look.

Now it's almost lunch time, to be followed by naps (which with a 4 week old *I* still need too!) and then it will be time to start dinner while the monsters sweet little boys play again.

So how do mom's do it? Do they follow their kids around all day picking up after them or encouraging them to pick up every little thing they move out of place? Do they forbid their children from making messes in areas other than a bedroom or playroom? Maybe they skip the nap (I dread this day) and rush around scrubbing the house while the babies sleep. Or my personal theory, houses do not remain clean, children play and make messes, and parents enjoy watching them and deal with the mess later.

Another post coming soon about how I actually try and deal with the mess.

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