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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

In general I don't put much thought into resolutions. It seems often people set high goals for themselves only to fall short and completely give up. I honestly can't even remember what I have resolved to do in the past on new years, which means I probably didn't do such a great job of following through.

This year though, I have a different sort of challenge for myself. I'd like to preserve memories of this special time while my kids are so young. I want to take more pictures, more videos and write more blog posts about the funny and sweet things they do, and the milestones they make it to this year. I want to be able to look back and be reminded of who we were as a family in 2011.

So it starts with this, my first blog post of the new year. I'm not going to worry about having anything interesting to say, or captivating an audience. Instead I am going to focus on things I'd like to remember, sort of like a time capsule of our year.

Tonight we played with Nathan's train's and Noah's blocks, the boys love nothing more than when Anthony gets down on the floor with them and plays. I can't wait to be able to join them in a few weeks when it's a little more comfortable to sit on the floor!

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