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Monday, January 31, 2011

Day number 1 with 3 kids and mom *updated throughout the day

7:15 Both boys are up and ready to start the day

7:30 Noah tries to reach into the toaster while I'm changing the baby and very nearly burns his little fingers. Luckily Nathan yells at him just as he is feeling the heat and decides against it.

8:30 Nathan brings me Anthony's goggles...which I know were in his bookbag. I go upstairs to find the contents emptied in the boys room

9:00 Noah has a meltdown and insists on sitting on my lap and cuddling, sitting next to me will not do

11:06 Noah dumps an entire bottle of Miralax on the kitchen floor and then plays in it like sand with a sand shovel.

11:08 Noah turns on the garbage disposal while I'm in the bathroom and then runs away to hide

12:30 Nap time for all 3 babies and mom

3:09 Noah locks himself in his room after nap time, and doesn't know how to unlock the door

3:20 I discover the only screwdriver small enough to unlock the door is in the car...with Anthony at work. We improvise stripping the plastic off of a bobby pin and poor sad Noah is set free.

5:30 Dad's on his way home, we made it!

Really it wasn't any different from a normal day, Elise sleeps so much it was just like keeping up with the boys like usual. The only real difference was Noah being a little sad that he couldn't be right in my lap all of the time.

At one point Elise was nursing and he kept poking her in the cheek saying "stop" lol

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