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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Big Train Party! (a story by Nathan)

Mom: Tell me about your party Nathan

Nathan: My big train party mom

M: Yes, your big train party

N:I had a big train party, there were lots of presents, mom and daddy got me a Toy Story bike (it wasn't Toy Story, but he thinks it is). It was at Aunt Lorrie's house.

M:What kind of presents did you get?

N:I got a big train, and I played with it at Aunt Lorrie's house and said "Choo choo!" I got a camera and I took lots of pictures.

M: Did you take a picture of Aunt Nina?

N: Yes.

And that appears to be all he wants to say about the party, 3 year olds have very a short attention span

And now, some pictures from his "Big Train Party"
The rest were taken by Nathan (or with a little help) using his new camera!