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Friday, August 20, 2010

Zoo day! (and why I am terrible about taking pictures)

Yesterday we went to the zoo! I packed my camera in my bag with all sorts of good thoughts about taking pictures of the boys and the good time they were going to have. Nathan standing by the giraffes (which are his favorite), and maybe Noah pointing at some doggies (all animals are either doggies, fishies, if they swim, and newly added ducks). And at the end of the day how many pictures did I take...0.

I started thinking about how I used to take TONS of pictures, I had albums filled of Nathan sitting doing nothing, and Noah laying on the ground while Nathan kissed him. Looking at when the picture taking stopped the answer became obvious, it's hard to hold two hands and take a picture of them at the same time!

Since Noah started walking they have been quite the adventurous little boys, which I love! I just wish I had the skill to keep them in the same spot together long enough to pull out the camera and snap a picture before one was off in a completely different direction. I think Anthony has now won the new role of picture taker. I wonder how he will take the news.

It was a wonderful day though, my first *big* trip with the boys by myself all day long. There were other moms there of course, but the kids far outnumbered the adults and we survived! There were a few minor meltdowns when Nathan didn't understand why he had to hold my hand with other kids running around everywhere, but other than that they were great!

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