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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finally a new post!

Well it's been a while, so time to start posting again!

Noah Gabriel was born 3 1/2 weeks early on October 14th right after we got back from Mike and Laura's wedding in Buffalo! Thank goodness he waited a few days!
He's rolling over and getting less crabby by the day. Still hasn't learned from Nathan yet how to properly pose for pictures though!

Natey is running all over the house and recently started talking like it was his job. My current favorite is "pleeeeese" with his head thrown back anytime he wants anything. Super cute unless you say no and then it's an all out tantrum. lol

I've been knitting recently and making some cute things for our little guys here is my latest finished project, Nathan's matching pair will be done probably today!

I also started taking ballet again which I love, it's a good start on getting back into shape. I lost the baby weight right away, now I just need to work on getting rid of the baby shape!

Hopefully I'll be back on here before another 6 months go by...I make no promises!