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Monday, April 14, 2008

I think making mischief has become an understatment when talking about Nathan this week! He is crawling everywhere and fast! Our house is pretty well baby proofed except for a few things I am having trouble with, so it's not too bad. He just knows exactly which things he shouldn't be getting into and makes a beeline for them everytime I try to catch my breath. This makes doing just about anything difficult. Our biggest problem is we don't have overhead lighting in most rooms including our living room, so we have lots of lamps. Nathan actually managed to pull one over the other day while Anthony was watching him. They're lightweight and plastic on the top so he can't break it and it would be hard for him to hurt himself, but it's not something we want him doing on a regular basis! He has also discovered the cords to the computer underneath the computer desk. He will go so far as to crawl over the bottom part of the chair to get to those cords or the cable router. He is certainly keeping me busy!

We took our first trip to the Rainforest at the Cleveland Zoo this weekend. Nathan had a lot of fun, but I think sometimes he liked all of the other kids there more than the animals. Most are kind of small or like to hide so it's a little hard to point them out to a 7 month old. He really did enjoy some of the monkeys though and they seemed to enjoy Nathan since they kept coming right up to the window! I can't wait until it's a little warmer and I can take him to the zoo to see the big animals.

He's becoming A LOT more interested in food too which I didn't think was possible since he already loved it so much. He really wants to feed himself now which is a plus since even with some easy finger foods he used to sit there with his mouth open until we put it in. He ate almost a whole banana last night and loved it! He has also been enjoying feeding himself some crackers and fruit puffs (kinda like fruit flavored cereal for babies!). This really makes dinner time easier because he used to get so mad while we were eating, now we can give him something to eat of his own.

Well he's about to pull over the lamp again so I better go and grab him!