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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Keeping Nathan busy

Nathan has always been very active and interested in everything, from the day he was born he wanted to get up and explore things. Lately though more so than before he seems to be getting bored of being in the house and seeing the same things everyday, and it's becoming a struggle to keep him happy throughout the day! He's been crabby and whinny, but for no other reason than that he is bored.

So I went to the library this week, and decided that I was going to set up at least part of our day as though he were in school. Ok, that sounds weird, but what I mean is I am going to plan some different activities just for Nathan that are new and different from things we do everyday. I found some great books that were written for those running a day care. I actually should get out my teaching preschool books from BG and use some of those activities even though he is a little young.

It's all the basic stuff that I had already heard of or used before, but it was nice to have a list right in front of me of fun things for us to do. So far it's working out great! I need to collect or buy a few more items for some future activities, but all in all he is loving just exploring something different every day.

The real challenge now will be when the new baby comes and finding time to still do something new with Nathan every day. Hopefully he'll be excited about helping with the baby for a while, and exploring a new little person will keep him interested enough that I won't have a crabby little toddler and a new baby at the same time too often!

I'll try and post here as we try out new things and what he enjoyed the best, just need to keep those batteries in my camera charged.

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