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Monday, August 4, 2008

Family update

Hmm it's been quite a while. I think I stopped blogging around the time Nathan started crawling and getting into everything. Well we are on to walking now! And this post is definitely taking place during his nap time.

Also I never updated that we are having baby #2 in about 3 months! The ultrasound showed that there will be another little boy, so things are about to get even crazier around here. I am anxious e how Nathan is going to react to someone else in his personal space with his mom and dad. He has always been fairly attached to us, but it's starting to reach a new level with me. He follows me around all day and if I leave the room even to just get a drink or go to the bathroom he becomes hysterical. So we will see how he likes it when someone else is literally attached to me all day long!

As I mentioned at the top Nathan is walking! It's still not his fastest or preferred mode of locomotion, but he is trying more and more every day to at least start out walking before he looses his balance. Sometimes this is after 2-3 steps and sometimes he makes it all the way across the room! It's so much fun to watch him stand and walk on his own, it still looks unnatural to me!

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