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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Youtube finds of the day

I think I mentioned the other day and I found some episode of Sharon, Lois and Bram's "The Elephant Show" on youtube. I was in love with this show when I was little and have been watching them online with Nathan. He doesn't actually care, but having him sitting nearby makes me feel better about the fact that I am watching children's television from the 80's. So of course youtube has related links and I found the intros to all of my favorite tv shows as a little kid! This is going to look like I was obsessed with tv or something, I promise I didn't just sit in front of the tv all day! But here are some of my favorites!

Maya the Bee I used to make Nina be Willy so I could be Maya. lol

David the Gnome I forgot how boring the theme song is for this one, but if I remember correctly it was a pretty good show.

Mapletown I'm almost ashamed I watched this "Japanamation" show, but it was one of my favorites. I even had the flocked plastic figurines.

Oh I could go on and on, but in order to look like I had a childhood aside from children's cable shows (we didn't even have cable!) I will stop here.


  1. Maaaaaaaya! Maya the Bee! Happy times!
    Do you also remember sticking a wooden spoon into the back waistband of your tights for stingers?