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Saturday, March 15, 2008


Lately I have become even more obsessed with LOST than I already was. Maybe it's because there is nothing on tv so it's all I watch anymore, or maybe it's just actually that interesting! There are so many unanswered questions and the writers and creators have such a intricate storyline that it just makes you want to learn more. Surprisingly there was so much more than I ever even knew existed from just watching the show! I stumbled upon a website called Lostpedia it has anything you would ever want to know about LOST! And it's not just made up things by readers (though there are a few theory boards, all of their information comes from interviews or special things released by ABC or LOST themselves. It's almost creepy how much detail they have put into this, and how much time and money they have spent creating this alternate reality. There have even interviews with people who work for "The Hanso Foundation" on regular talk shows. And secret videos released about the DHARMA initiative. So weird, but really very interesting reading.


  1. Colin just told me about the inscription on Jin's grave marker - with the date of the crash? How can that be???

  2. I think that he is one of the "8" that they talk about who survived and then one of the two who died on the Island. So I don't know if he is really dead like something bad happend that they are not talking about. Or if he is somehow alive on the Island.