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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blizzard! and baby shoes

So I thought I had seen the worst snowstorm of the year a couple of weeks ago, boy was I mistaken! It seems every year we have a giant snowstorm, and this was it this year. It snowed non-stop from Friday all the way until this morning (Sunday)! We probably have close to 18 inches of snow outside, it's funny to see it all piled up from where it's been plowed. It's really hard to see around the giant walls of snow while driving. It gave me plenty of time to, um, sit at home and do what I usually do. A year ago I would have worked on some hobby, now I just played with Nathan. Though I am still determined one of these days to quilt or sew or make something fun again. I just need to find a safe place to do it, and something fun for Nathan to do while I'm working. Otherwise I will get annoyed and never finish, which is what usually happens!

Thursday I went shopping to pick up some essentials at Target and as I was rounding the corner something very familiar caught my eye. I saw what appeared to be Robeez baby shoes! Alright, for those of you not obsessed with baby clothing and footwear like I am I will explain. Robeez shoes are leather baby shoes with cute animals or designs on them. They are great for baby feet because they are so flexable and the are just adorable. They also run about $30 a pair. Now if you are anything like me you don't really want to be spending $30 on baby shoes, especially a baby who can't walk. I got one pair from my aunt as a shower gift and I LOVE them, so seeing what appeared to be them at Target was quite exciting! As I got closer I realized they were not Robeez, but a different brand that looked almost identical. Some of the designs even looked very similar to the Robeez designs. Best part is they are only $12.99! Still a little pricey for baby shoes, but they are leather! Here is a picture of a pair of Robeez

And here are the "Mini Star" fake Robeez

So the quality may not be quite as good, but Nathan can't walk yet so maybe I'll splurge for the Robeez when he is getting a little more use out of them!

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  1. Oh, Nathan. The Easter Bunny is just waiting to spoil you!!!