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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Baby led weaning?

Or as I am used to seeing it online now BLW. I think this means I spend too much time on the internet. Oh well.

So I'm thinking about it. For those of you who don't know (because I didn't until a few months ago), baby led weaning doesn't actually mean "weaning" your baby, I don't plan on doing that for a while. Instead it's kind of a different way to introduce solids to your baby. They don't eat any purees, instead you give them regular food that they can feed themselves on their own. Of course at first more of it ends up squished or on the floor, but pretty soon they learned to feed themselves real food.

I don't know if I will completely give up the typical baby food mush stuff, it's nice to know that something is getting into him, and a lot less messy and time consuming when I'm in a bit of a hurry or Nathan is on the verge of getting sleepy. But I do like this idea of being able to give the baby whatever we are eating (within reason of course). It makes sense since he is always grabbing at our food, we give him little tastes of certain things now and then, why shouldn't he just be able to try some things? We always have a hard time when we are eating because he wants to be right there too eating while we are eating, and with baby food puree that is just not possible.

So last night while we were eating grilled cheese and tomato soup I made Nathan a piece of toast (I know, wheat is an allergen, but no one in either of our families has food allergies, and our seasonal allergies are very mild) he absolutely loved it! It was crispy enough to break off tiny pieces when he bit in with his two little tooth stubs, but still soft enough to disolve in his mouth as he ate it. He made a HUGE mess with soggy bread crumbs all over the table, but he was so happy and suprised me by being pretty good at getting it into his mouth by himself!

It really made me wish I had other baby friendly food in the house so I could give him some more to "eat". It's also messy now because we don't have a highchair, so this was while sitting in his bumbo seat on the table. The highchair should be here next week and I am looking forward to giving him some more things to eat on his own. Interestingly, I think he gagged and coughed more when I gave him some pureed peas after dinner than he did chewing on his toast!

some links I have enjoyed reading: I really like the recipe ideas at this site
Facebook group on baby led weaning Where I first found out about baby led weaning, some interesting discussions
Baby led weaning blog I haven't read this one yet, but looks to be interesting. I'll save it for Nathan's next nap!

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